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Posted on: March 1st, 2016 by
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So I have to admit that I always get drawn into the spring planting season to the point where my computer time (posting for all my readers) falls to the wayside.  Sorry for that….

Happily, this garden season is off to an incredible start!  I have 11 tomato varieties growing out for planting in warmer weather-my goal is about 200 tomatoes (which is far more than last season’s 30).  In addition to the seeds I planted I discovered the first of what I expect to be several volunteer tomato plants.  I am not entirely certain how it started, but the last few years I find tomato babies all over the place.  Last year there were at least 15 plants that started on there own-mostly in the area where tomatoes had been planted the previous season, but not entirely.

The first year I made this discovery I simply made an extra row in the planting bed and transplanted them over.  Many of these volunteers didn’t fit last year’s planting plan, so I gave most of them away.  I haven’t yet developed a plan for this season, but I am definitely open to suggestions.

I am even thinking of making the effort to save the seeds from this season’s volunteers-after all if they really want to grow here I feel I should not only encourage it, but I should plan for future generations of tomatoes!

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