House hunting can begin

Posted on: February 25th, 2019 by
Comments Requested

I am happy to share that we have accepted an offer on our homestead. Hooray!!!

Now begins some serious work; there are repairs that have been requested that must be completed, there are boxes to be packed, but most importantly we need to get serious about finding our new place.

For our family that means agreeing on a list of features we would like in our new, more northern, property. This currently includes trees, fences, a barn or shop space, and being a little off the beaten path (we don’t want busy/dangerous roads). A little oddly, the house is less important to us than the other features of the property. Also, not everyone agrees on all the features we should be looking at, which will make the hunt more of a challenge.

Still, I don’t mind. The scariest part of the process is done; we can now start on the next steps. Wish us luck.

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