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Posted on: March 19th, 2020 by
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It feels a bit like the world is closing its doors and shuttering its windows.

My childrens’ schools have determined that it is best to extend Spring Break and begin all education remote. Restaurants, recreation centers, parks, libraries, and a slew of public services have closed. It all seems like something out of an apocalyptic movie.

I had recently shared about starting seeds for my first garden in the Colorado Front Range. In an abundance of caution I have already more than doubled my planned plantings. I figure if we don’t need it I will post them as something to share. Because I haven’t had time to really develop this soil I have ordered a dump truck full of compost that arrives next week. Also, I have gotten my first full spectrum grow lights. I have every expectation of having really healthy and well developed plants when I can finally get them in the ground.

I am disappointed in the fact that this quarantine has started after my family completed our annual Frugal February and that I had not had a garden last year, leaving my shelves rather bare. We are fortunate that my husband and I have the skills to cook from scratch, so as I shopped for an extended time in the house I was not limited to the packaged foods that comprise most families grocery list. I admit that I bought extra flour, yeast, and staples even though I hoped it would not be anywhere near as bad as it looks that is could be.

As I was stocking up I saw a news article that irritated me at the time; essentially it suggested that folks who were anticipating quarantine should take the time to learn to cook. I felt that the author was stoking fear and also using a bad situation to promote their own recipes and website. Now, as one of my daughters decided to make her first from-scratch cake, I am just hoping that others saw that article and took the advice presented.

We will be doing more cooking and I am hoping that my children remember this experience as one in which they learn a few new recipes, the means to use their resources well, not to panic in a crisis, and to plan for extras of everything, because you never know when someone will need your assistance.

I hope everyone is well and finding ways to make the most of this extended time with those closest to you.

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